Round Ups

I thought I would round up some of the key points highlighted during our conversations at the last conference. Remember to go back over the research posts I have put on this blog and document your own research. Some key terms and themes that have been explored – Active learning, use of props or objects, playful learning, learning through making/doing, Thinking through making, Project Based learning, collaborative learning, Reggio Amelia, developing language and experimenting through language, playing with language, resources such as the cooking with clay resource. 

Developing language through clay:

Project Based Learning:

Learning through making org:

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The Language of Clay exhibition

The Language of Clay

The Language of Clay is an ongoing project that celebrates the diversity of accomplished ceramic practice. It presents new bodies of work by selected contemporary ceramic artists with studio practices in Wales.

Each artist approaches the medium with varying perspectives, experiences and skills. Ceramic practice is wonderfully boundless in its creative possibilities. As an organic material, clay responds so dynamically to different approaches and treatments. It is this quality that makes it both beguiling and challenging to work with. Within a field that is wonderfully rich in Wales, the artists featured bring singular expertise.

The Language of Clay is organised by Mission Gallery in Swansea and is delivered in partnership with Ruthin Craft Centre, Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre and Aberystwyth Ceramic Gallery. The initiative is funded by the Arts Council of Wales.

The project comprises touring solo exhibitions. These are accompanied by interpretation material, publications, a handling collection and participatory programmes. Through project activity, we hope to reveal the delights of clay and the enormous significance of ceramics in our lives.

The Language of Clay is a platform for enquiry and discovery. It is, we trust, an invitation for more people to join the conversation.

Adding research to your evolving project

Your task this week is to reflect upon your delivery engagement at Stanley Grove Primary School and find a new piece of evidence/research/a new source to extend your own ideas about the work you are currently undertaking.

Bring this to a 1-1 tutorial with Elle to discuss the development of your work and personal interests within this unit. If there are a few of you with similar interest, maybe we can have a group tutorial? Email me to book a slot to see me, this could be individually or your whole group…

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